In our modern data-driven world, these top 5 IT consulting firms can help businesses use technology most efficiently for all business functions. Hiring an IT consultant can help your company reduce costs, gain a competitive advantage, and increase your revenue.

To help you make an informed choice when selecting IT consulting companies, we’ve carefully reviewed multiple high performing companies with global operations.

Here are our top 5 IT consulting firms.

1. Accenture

Accenture is the single largest technology services provider in the world today. They offer a wide range of services and solutions grouped into five main businesses: Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology, and Operations. Accenture is a partner with leading technology providers including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Workday.

This global technology giant has over 500,000 employees working in 13 operating and industry groups including communications and media, software and platforms, high tech, insurance, banking and capital markets, public service, healthcare, retail and travel services, consumer goods, life sciences, energy, utilities, chemicals and natural resources. Accenture is presently using market-shaping artificial intelligence (AI) and other intelligent technologies to transform their clients’ businesses around the world.

2. Capgemini

Capgemini is a global leader in the area of digital transformation. This company has more than 200,000 professionals serving clients in over 40 nations. Capgemini offers its clients comprehensive, unique, and customized IT consulting. Most of this company’s success is a product of what they call The Collaborative Business ExperienceTM.

Capgemini achieves success in 4 major ways:

  • Focusing on value: Carefully defining the client’s major goals and setting targets for each project.
  • Defining and mitigating risks: Having a full understanding of the challenges involved in each technology project and reducing them.
  • Client empowerment: Providing all the support, professional assistance, and capabilities required for success.
  • Organizational alignment: Providing lasting value by eliminating potential bottlenecks, change resistance, and other inhibitors.

3. Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte is a multinational consulting firm, and it has a branch that focuses on IT consulting. A global leader in the consulting services business, Deloitte has service centers in more than 150 countries with a dedicated team of over 245,000 employees. Partnering with Deloitte allows you to benefit from many decades of experience in using strategy implementation, IT, and digital tools to transform clients’ businesses.

Some of the most popular IT services offered by Deloitte include:

  • Deloitte Digital: Advanced design and implementation of digital business strategies.
  • Oracle: Cloud-based solutions for ERP, supply chain, marketing, performance management, and customer experience.
  • Salesforce: Customized implementation of customer relationship management, sales process, and improvement of brand loyalty.


KPMG is well-known for its outstanding audit and tax services. But they also offer advisory services which include IT consulting and data-driven solutions. With a global team of over 207,000 employees, KPMG offers services to clients in a wide range of industries across the globe. The IT consulting branch of KPMG helps its clients to:

  • Develop the right IT strategy
  • Control and regulate operational risks
  • Mitigate IT risk management
  • Outsource IT services
  • Optimize and reduce IT costs

In addition, KPMG offers:

  • Datacenter optimization
  • Development and implementation of cloud strategy
  • Development and deployment of enterprise architecture

KPMG uses cutting-edge solutions to help clients streamline operations, minimize risk, and increase revenue.

5. IBM Global Services

This is one of the branches of IBM that provides a broad range of IT services such as client centers, lab service, product engineering, and platform testing. IBM has a unique cloud advisory service that enables organizations to quickly learn how to best utilize cloud services.

IBM’s cloud-based services are used by companies like Honda, American Airlines, and Bitly.

In addition to being a key player in the IT consulting business, IBM is also one of the most sustainable business brands. The company has implemented thousands of energy-saving projects resulting in the reduction of power consumption running into hundreds of gigawatts.

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