Intersystem Experts

Roxiticus Health IT provides a full range of services related to the Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System (MUMPS or MUMPS/M).

We provide expertise to keep your system performing at a high level.

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Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System

Roxiticus Health IT will help ensure your MUMPS/M is functioning to address your current enterprise needs. As experts in both MUMPS and InterSystems Cache, we can update, modify, and/or manage your system to ensure optimal performance.

Upgrading to InterSystems Cache

For 17+ years Roxiticus Health IT has used InterSystems Technologies to help 600+ hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare facilities improve how they store and leverage data. Our InterSystems Cache experts provide targeted problem analysis, SOW evaluations, and mitigation plans to address challenges and meet objectives.

Get More from Your MUMPS/M Platform

Roxiticus Health IT has over 20 years of experience helping healthcare organizations collect and manage large volumes of patient data. We will design, develop, and implement software, features, and functions based on insights from our work with hundreds of organizations nationwide.

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