Conducting a security assessment is an integral piece of any healthcare IT puzzle. It’s one of the first steps in determining where vulnerabilities exist and provides a data-driven foundation on what to do to mitigate your risks. 

But are your security assessments living up to their fullest potential?

We’re sharing three of our most effective practices your security team can use to improve every assessment and give you and your organization better peace of mind:

#1 – Avoid a Complacent Mindset

Security assessments can cover anything from identifying vulnerabilities to reviewing policies and procedures to actively trying to hack into your network.  They should be a routine part of your security strategy, but unfortunately, many organizations treat them as exactly that – routine

Though most IT professionals take their responsibility seriously, it’s important that no one on your team become complacent about their actions. Security flaws can happen to any organization, even those who have never had security issues in the past. 

In order to avoid a complacent mindset, IT teams should treat every security assessment with care and attention. Following a methodical approach to testing and assessments can help ensure no detail falls through the cracks. 

#2 – Invest in Third Party Testing

Healthcare IT departments can and should conduct their own testing to identify and eliminate any gaps in defense. However, using a third-party testing service can double your impact and incrementally fortify your network security. 

Third party security testing can help you to identify risks you may have missed. Testers use the same techniques that cyber criminals would use to gain access to your network and can deliver a better simulation than internal testers could perform. 

#3 – Test and Assess Often

Technology is ever evolving, and your security assessments and testing must evolve, too. Risks can seemingly develop overnight and you may not catch them right away. Conducting frequent security assessments and testing can help you to identify gaps in defense before they can cause any damage. 

In addition, your policies and procedures that govern the assessment process should also be reviewed and updated frequently. As new threats emerge and new practices are put into play, your documented procedures must reflect these changes. 

How Roxiticus Health IT Consultants Can Help You Improve Every Security Assessments

A security assessment is one of the most important tasks of a healthcare IT department, and that responsibility shouldn’t be taken lightly. The last thing you want is to be forced to take action because an issue occurred. Rather, with diligent assessments, ongoing testing, and avoiding complacency, you can substantially reduce your risk of security threats and prevent issues before they can deal any damage.

As consultants and leaders in the healthcare IT industry, we’ve built over 21 years of expertise on providing our clients with effective solutions. We can help with every aspect of your project and intersystems consulting to help you protect your healthcare data. 

Contact us today to learn how Roxiticus Health IT professionals can help you improve your security assessment process.