For our healthcare system to experience a true transformation, primary care must change. However, many primary care practices are overburdened by their workload such that progress is very slow. Many have very high patient demand, insufficient funds and inadequate staff to handle progressive change.

To accelerate the change in the primary care sector, physician practices need help and support from bigger healthcare organizations and networks. That’s why NTT DATA Services partners with researchers and physicians to provide technology that contributes to high-value care. They provide systems that help primary care providers to:

  • Be available anytime patients need care by ensuring access to information needed to help patients
  • Stay in constant contact with patients and their caregivers
  • Give patients a simple and effective way to provide feedback and make their complaints
  • Ensure proper follow up on medications, treatment and referrals after a patient leaves the hospital

Technology can help practitioners make the most efficient use of their time, coordinate resources and boost the value of care offered to patients. It can help identify patients who need specialized or individualized care.

NTT Data Partners Can Share Technology With Primary Care Providers

Most primary care practices hardly have the kind of budgets needed to enjoy the latest health IT solutions and innovations. But partners in the healthcare system like some of the organizations that work with NTT DATA can share technology, insights and data to ensure that vital information is accessible to those who need it. Larger healthcare organizations and partners can help primary care practitioners with the following technology initiatives:

Population Health

Health systems all over the world are using analytic technology to locate patients who are at risk of developing chronic diseases and offer quick intervention. This makes use of new survey data, social and economic factors and automated analyses of imaging studies from EHRs and insurance claims to discover people who are at risk of developing certain diseases. Primary care physicians can have access to results of this predictive analysis in a clear and easy-to-understand format along with specific suggestions for follow up.

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

Larger health systems are also working with NTT DATA to develop technology that is easy to adopt by physician practices that need to use it. A good example is a telehealth platform which uses Internet technology and video conferencing to bring healthcare into a patient’s residence. This helps patients keep their appointments. It breaks transportation barriers and it ensures that healthcare is always available to the patient.

Cost and Outcomes Data

Primary care physicians hardly have the full picture when it comes to total care cost estimates for their patients. But health plans and large health systems can easily aggregate the cost data on treatment and tests for both specialists and primary care physicians. If this knowledge was also accessible to primary care doctors, they would be able to get the full picture of their patients’ care.

That’s why NTT DATA is working with different health systems to provide data on specialists that offer the best results at the lowest cost. When this information is shared with physicians, they’re able to make better referrals that give optimal outcomes at lower costs.

Final Word on NTT Data Services

Those are some of the ways that NTT Data helps primary physician practices integrate technology into their operations and provide higher-value care and deliver improved patient outcomes.