An InterSystems contractor is necessary as healthcare providers now capture, store, and transfer a massive volume of data every month. From physician notes and treatment plans to lab test results and patient condition monitoring, there’s a huge volume of healthcare data available for providers, clinicians, patients, and administrators.

However, many healthcare organizations still find it difficult to use this large volume of data to improve patient outcomes. But with solutions like InterSystems IRIS for Health, it’s possible to create applications that extract value from healthcare data. To do this, you’ll want to work with an InterSystems contractor to rapidly create powerful applications.

Here are some of the benefits of working with an InterSystems contractor.

1. Quick Access to Clean Data

An InterSystems contractor knows how to use InterSystems’ robust interoperability platform. This platform is included in the IRIS for Health product, which uses data normalization and advanced interoperability with its capacity for quick transformations between various healthcare messaging formats. This makes it possible to obtain clean data when you need to create innovative healthcare apps that deliver sustainable value.

2. Greater Creativity

When you work with an InterSystems contractor, you’re working with a creative tech partner who is dedicated to providing superior software and advanced technical support. Through your contractor, you have direct access to InterSystems developers who provide deeper insight for quicker and more effective application development. A certified InterSystems contractor also has access to continuous education and training from InterSystems.

3. Capacity to Scale Applications

The massive volume and wide variety of information stored in healthcare databases continues to grow exponentially. As your organization grows in size and scope or through mergers with other healthcare organizations, you’ll need applications that can scale well with this growth. Your InterSystems contractor can develop applications that scale vertically or horizontally to take care of any volume of data or an increase in workload or users.

With the advanced data prep features in IRIS for Health, it’s possible to develop transformative healthcare models. These models can be used with machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the efficiency of learning solutions.

4. Full Connectivity

InterSystems provides full support for FHIR. So, if you store all the data in your EHR as FHIR resources, your InterSystems developer can use the REST APIs in IRIS to build SMART on FHIR applications. This means that you can enjoy interoperability and exchange between applications in all modern and legacy applications. Since IRIS for Health has the capability to support virtually all global healthcare messaging standards, applications can easily receive, interpret and share information.

5. Real-Time Analytics

Expectations from all users of healthcare IT have increased over the past two decades. Physicians want fast clinical decision support. Patients want to enjoy telemedicine and online access to a robust patient portal. Your InterSystems expert can use the hybrid transactional/analytical process capabilities available in the IRIS for Health platform to help your organization meet these ever-increasing demands for real-time analytics.

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