Despite the fact that healthcare organizations are largely lagging in digital technology adoption, many of them are actively pursuing ways to implement electronic health records and other solutions. It’s a complex process, given the many hurdles that healthcare companies must clear in regards to privacy that other industries simply aren’t faced with.

Knowing what to look for in a hospital management system can help you focus only on viable solutions that may work for your needs and prevent you from exploring less effective options. While the following features aren’t a comprehensive list, they should give you a strong starting point:


When exploring your options for healthcare software, features and benefits can easily pull your focus. But without also considering how a solution will fit into your existing ecosystem, you may be unable to maximize the features that sold you on the idea in the first place.

Achieving interoperability in healthcare has been something of a pipe dream for organizations, but it doesn’t have to be. With enough planning, forethought, and a thorough understanding of how you need your systems to interact with each other, you’re better positioned to choose software solutions that help you meet interoperability goals.

Data Security

Given the sheer number of healthcare data breaches in recent years, data security is at the top of every organization’s mind. It’s important to recognize not just the data security features a hospital software solution offers, but also how they affect your existing ecosystem and whether your IT team can maximize them.

It’s the responsibility of IT and organization leaders alike to understand the security components, identify any potential flaws in defense, and ensure that your team is well-trained in maintaining a high level of data security at all times.


The ability for hospital software to scale is one of the factors that’s currently plaguing the industry. Besides investigating if a solution will meet current demands, it’s critical to think about how it will impact business in the future.

As technology continues to emerge in healthcare, it’s important that a healthcare IT solution will accommodate changes in the industry. One of the biggest concerns organizations are trying to include today is the advancements in wearable technology and networked devices. There’s no way to know what will disrupt the industry next, so keeping flexibility at the forefront should be a priority when choosing IT solutions.

Let Roxiticus Health IT Help You Make the Right Choice

The process of choosing the right hospital software can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just beginning the journey. It’s not just a matter of choosing a solution that suits your needs, but also recognizing the disastrous financial and other consequences that could result from making the wrong choice.

Roxiticus Health IT has been providing consulting services to healthcare organizations for nearly 20 years, helping clients source and implement the best IT solutions to meet your goals. Contact us today to learn how we can simplify the hospital software selection process so you can enjoy the best possible results.