Using efficient software systems improves the quality of care you offer to your patients. But you’ll always have to choose between packaged off-the-shelf solutions and working with hospital software companies to develop custom solutions.

While a packaged solution can be deployed quickly, custom software is designed to achieve your goals and suit your unique way of serving your patients. Here are some of the key benefits of working with a developer to create efficient hospital software solutions.

1. Personalization – the software fits the way you work

The mode of providing care varies from one practice to another. There’s no one-size-fits-all application for any aspect of healthcare including electronic health records (EHR), hospital management, billing, e-prescribing and patient portals. While there are many ready-made software applications developed by reputable hospital software companies, it’s unlikely that any of them will fit seamlessly into your practice. Even if you add modules and modify some of the features of the packaged software, it won’t provide the same efficiency as a solution that has been created from scratch to suit your practice.

Custom hospital software offers all the features you need to manage your workflow without making difficult changes. The software can provide interfaces that make it easy for all clinical staff to learn to use it quickly without spending weeks on training.

2. Scalability – your software grows with your organization

As your practice expands, you’ll have new requirements. You may need to coordinate the work in different hospital locations or incorporate new specialties. If you used off-the-shelf software, it may not accommodate all the changes that occur because of your organization’s growth. And if you decide to choose another solution that can meet the new requirements, you’d have to re-train your staff.

When you work with a seasoned developer, you can ensure that your solution scales up to meet the future needs of your practice. Since your developer will be around to maintain the solution for you, your growth won’t be held back because of software limitations.

3. Cost Effective – many long-term gains give you substantial savings

The initial cost of developing custom hospital software may be higher, but it offers greater long-term savings. Custom software doesn’t need frequent development of add-on modules or creation of new formats for reports and data entry like much off-the-shelf software. After deploying your custom solution, you won’t need to make any major investments for a long time.

With custom software, you don’t need to pay for additional licenses for new users or servers. You also save the cost of training since the software is built to suit you rather than you trying to adjust to suit the software.

4. Integration – no need for multiple software applications

Your practice will need a variety of programs to handle different aspects of your operations including booking appointments, costing, purchasing and inventory management, billing, patient records management and management accounting. But it can be very difficult to maintain different software applications for each major operation. However, by working with a competent developer, you can integrate many software applications into one or two major solutions that will be easy to maintain.

5. Adequate Support – your developer is your partner, not just a vendor

Many healthcare organizations are forced to change their software because the developer stops supporting it or goes bankrupt. The cost of migration in such cases can be very high. On the other hand, you can enjoy steady software maintenance and support when you go for custom software. Your developer will be able to offer technical support and help you provide a more secure platform that’s more resistant to hacking attacks.

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