HealthShare was designed by InterSystems to reduce the cost and time needed to connect healthcare organizations. It is currently one of the best interoperability platforms for collaborative care. HealthShare may be used to implement effective private health information exchange.

If you run a large healthcare organization with a network of physicians and hospital facilities, here are some reasons why you should consider using InterSystems HealthShare.

1. Access to a Complete View of Patients’ Records

All clinicians and administrators who treat or take care of patients need a complete view of each patient’s records. HealthShare removes the gaps in patients’ records at all stages in the care continuum. This solution connects all primary, specialty, and hospital-based care providers. It also connects to every other HIE regardless of the type of electronic health record in use.

2. A Centralized Healthshare Information Hub

HealthShare allows you to exchange health care records efficiently. But this is not the only factor that can improve quality or reduce the cost of patient care. Clinicians must be able to access every patient record pertaining to their medical history. It’s the only way they can fully understand the condition of the patient, make an accurate diagnosis, and create an effective treatment plan.

That’s why InterSystems created HealthShare to provide a central hub of complete patient information. The solution enables all stakeholders to use their EHR systems to exchange information and retrieve complete data to get the most detailed picture of each patient’s situation. HealthShare offers a full view of each patient’s tests, medications, and treatment procedures. In effect, it prevents unnecessary prescriptions and allows physicians to be more attentive to their patients’ needs.

3. Actionable Insights at Each Point of Care

Another benefit of deploying HealthShare is the capability to access actionable insights at each point of care. This is done through a set of integrated analytics tools. HealthShare gives you access to all data whether it is in HL7 format or not. It also offers you a unique notification system to monitor clinical events within your organization’s network.

4. Consistent Identification of Patients

Duplicate or missing patient records hinder the delivery of safe and efficient patient care. To prevent duplication of patient records, the HealthShare platform has a master patient index. This enterprise-wide index ensures that you can identify patients consistently across internal and external record systems. HealthShare eliminates dangerous and costly duplication of patients’ records by bringing together information from all parts of your organization and other connected health care systems in real-time.

5. Improved Collaborative Care

HealthShare provides a community-wide health record for each patient. This serves as a basis for coordinated value-based care and managing the whole population’s health. Its embedded intelligence helps you have the right information in place when you need it so that you can:

  • Bring together data for clinical, administrative, and payment purposes
  • Align the efforts of your payers and providers to improve the quality of care
  • Create effective virtual teams that all have access to updated patient data in real-time

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