Face-to-face interaction will always be the primary method of building relationships between you and your patients. However, healthcare software continues to play an increasing role in how those relationships are started and nurtured.

Healthcare software shouldn’t just be viewed as an operational tool. Aside from things like scheduling capabilities, electronic medical records, and logging insurance claims, the right software can also improve the way you work and boost your revenue.

Let’s explore some of the top features in healthcare software that you should look to help you remain competitive and profitably without sacrificing personable experiences:

#1 – Electronic Prescriptions

Everyone’s heard the jokes about doctors’ messy, illegible handwriting. There’s certainly some truth to it, but it’s not the only reason that electronic prescribing is trending.

When physicians can send prescriptions immediately to your local pharmacy, everybody wins. The pharmacy can start filling an order before the patient walks out of your office. It eliminates the risk of a patient losing a written prescription and having to request another one. Plus, refills can be requested quickly and effortlessly.

#2 – Online Patient Portals

It’s estimated that patient portals are now used by about 52% of consumers. Online portals have become something of an expectation in most medical settings. Patients like the ease of retrieving visit notes, checking appointments, and communicating with their providers at their convenience.

But if you don’t offer this functionality, consider yourself behind the curve.

Portals offer healthcare organizations a way to cater to their patients and continue earning their business. Without one, patients may become increasingly reluctant to rely on your organization in favor of another company that does offer one.

#3 – Voice Recognition Technology

How much are you spending on outsourcing transcription services? How much time does it take to log notes in a patient’s record? It’s a time-consuming process that can get unnecessarily expensive, especially when these tasks are multiplied by however many patients you serve.

Voice recognition technology is becoming a highly desirable feature in healthcare software because of its time- and money-saving benefits. It recognizes speech and transcribes spoken notes, saving you time on data entry and reducing your margin of error due to messing handwriting or typos. It also prevents you from having to outsource to an audio transcription company, which gives you your full report faster.

The benefits of voice recognition can also be helpful for claims management and billing processes. Some software integrates voice features into their navigation, so insurance and billing teams can locate information quickly and navigate the system without a keyboard slowing them down.

#4 – Automated Marketing

Integrated healthcare solutions are changing how marketing teams are executing their efforts.

Marketers can (and should) tap into healthcare data that allows them to better direct their efforts. You can create accurate patient persons, map out your patient journey, and set achievable goals.

Take time to explore automated marketing features that can help you better leverage the data you collect. Things like built-in email marketing, reminders for upcoming appointments or to make an appointment, collecting email addresses for newsletters, and segmenting audiences can all play a role in growing your practice.

#5 – Mobile Apps

Mobile apps in healthcare serve two purposes: one, to help patients access their data on the go. And two, for organizations to work at their convenience.

The benefit to the patient is obvious: they hold their health in their hands at all times. And providers can take care of business whenever business calls to save time and improve productivity.

How Roxiticus Health IT Can Help

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