Choosing between healthcare software companies can often feel like diffusing a bomb: there’s a lot weighing on your final decision, and you want to get the best possible outcome for your efforts.

Historically, healthcare companies have been reluctant to adopt health software solutions. The reasons are varied: security concerns, lack of proper functionality, cost, ease of use, and the general disruption to the everyday workflow are barriers for most organizations.

But the benefits of implementing the right healthcare software are becoming too great to ignore.

As you’re exploring your options, consider the following when comparing healthcare software companies to serve your organization:

#1 – Generalist or Specialist?

Just like healthcare providers, software companies have specialists, too. Some software companies pride themselves on being a jack of all trades, providing a variety of businesses with CRM, marketing automation, and sales pipelines.

But only a company that specializes in healthcare software will understand the true needs of a hospital or doctor’s office. Partnering with a software “specialist” company gives you the best chance of reaching your goals.

#2 – Buy or Build?

Knowing what type of solution you want to pursue isn’t always an obvious choice. Buying vs building each have their own set of pros and cons.

Buying an off-the-shelf product is usually the quickest option. It can be less expensive than custom development. But it’s not made for your organization, which could leave gaps in functionality.

The obvious benefit of building your software is the fact that you get exactly what you need. The biggest problem, however, is having to think carefully about what you need from your software. It takes thorough planning and understanding of all aspects of your organization and operational needs to get the best end result. The best healthcare software companies offer guidance and consultations to help you consider what’s important.

#3 – Look for a Long-Term Relationship

Ideally, you’ll be able to switch to a new solution and not have to worry about upgrading for years to come.

It’s important to consider the long-term relationship between your organization and your chosen vendor. Making a switch every couple years can unnecessarily complicate processes and create headaches for everyone involved. It’s also expensive to continually switch vendors, so making the right choice the first time can give you the best possible results.

#4 – Consider the End Results

It’s all too easy to get distracted by the bells and whistles that most healthcare software companies tout. Too often, organizations get distracted by the possibilities that they lose sight on their own needs and reasons for exploring a new solution and how they feasibly plan to use it.

To avoid this “shiny” syndrome, focus on the answers to the following:

  • What, specifically, do you want to achieve with a new healthcare software solution?
  • What problems is your current system not solving?
  • What is initiating the investigation for a change?

The more you can narrow down your options, the easier it can be to partner with the right development company.

Bespoke Healthcare Software from Roxiticus Health IT

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