Efficient databases are vital tools for the continuous improvement of care in the healthcare industry. Databases organize and store all the data that’s captured and retrieved by providers, patients, and payers. To enhance the speed of data retrieval for real-time transaction processing and detailed analytics, your applications need to run on the fastest relational database available today.

Why You Need the Fastest Relational Database for Healthcare Applications

There are different reasons why you must opt for the fastest relational database management system for your healthcare apps. The most important include:

  • Speed: Image retrieval, transmission, and processing are now part of many integrated hospital record systems. So, a fast database system will make it possible to retrieve and store images without delay.
  • Efficient operations: Physicians can get a complete medical history, information on drug allergies, prescription updates, results of medical tests, and notes from other physicians on a single page, with just a click of a button.
  • Higher productivity: The faster data processing time offered by an efficient database enables physicians to attend to more patients during their consulting hours, thereby increasing productivity and revenue for the organization.
  • Quicker bill payment: The billing department can process more bills daily and send out more payment requests to health insurance providers.
  • Better decisions: An efficient database set up for fast analytics provides timely, actionable data for the C-suite, clinicians, and other decision-makers. COOs, CFOs, and CEOs will make data-based strategic decisions because revenues, costs, and payments can be tracked in real-time.

How Do You Choose a Suitable Database for Your Organization’s Applications?

As a CIO or member of the C-suite in your organization, you may be under pressure to make your operations more efficient or to provide actionable information in a cost-efficient and timely manner. You may also be asked to increase the efficiency of data-intensive tasks like data entry, retrieval, analysis, and reporting.

One of the most effective ways to get this done is to choose a database that offers superior performance.

Research by Forrester Wave, a trusted source of product performance in the IT industry, has released favorable assessment results for two translytical database products in their Q4 2019 report. The two databases are InterSystems IRIS Database and Oracle Database.

According to Forrester, a translytical database is one that provides support for transactional, analytical, operational, and streaming workloads in real-time. This ensures there’s transactional integrity, data consistency, and analytical accuracy with extremely high performance and scalability with current memory architectures.

InterSystems IRIS and Oracle Database have consistently earned high scores in the areas of data security, data access, performance, extensibility, and customer support.

Let Us Help You Choose the Fastest Relational Database for Your Healthcare Applications

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