Have you considered hiring a CIO consultant for your organization, but you aren’t sure if you need one? If so, keep reading.

The primary role of the chief information officer (CIO) in a healthcare organization is to make sure that health IT is working efficiently, and that the provider is reducing admin costs, raising productivity and providing better care to patients. For health IT projects to succeed, the team leaders must provide clear, purposeful and knowledgeable leadership.

In order to overcome the challenges that come with most health IT projects, you may need the assistance and partnership of CIO consultants at Lifepoint Informatics. Some of the benefits your organization will gain through partnering with our CIO consultants include:

1. Substantial Cost Savings

Working with a CIO consultant saves your organization money because hiring a full-time CIO can be very expensive. As the role of the CIO becomes more specialized in many organizations, attracting people with technical depth is becoming increasingly difficult. Even when the organization has the resources to pay, sourcing a full-time CIO may take several months, and this can lead to inefficient decision making.

2. Improved Security

One of the greatest challenges that large healthcare organizations have is transferring patient data and other health information securely. Our CIO consultants can help you carry out a thorough security audit.

We’ll measure the effectiveness of our firewalls and other security measures like virus and ransomware protection. We can also check how your information is accessed by users and the security roles performed by users. Our consultants are experts in the evaluation and deployment of application security, backup and recovery, intrusion detection and disaster recovery.

3. Efficient Cloud Operations

Cloud technologies offer a lower cost of ownership than on-premise installations. They don’t require the acquisition of new hardware and software. However, issues like the security of data and quality of support must be considered when choosing a cloud-based solution. Our consultants ensure that workflows for cloud-based operations are well defined and that the right metrics are used to measure efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness of your cloud-based apps.

4. Smart Product Selection

When you need to choose a new solution like an EHR, practice management or accounting solution, you need to have a proven system for evaluating the proposed solutions and the vendors promoting them. Our consultants will help you review the terms of licensing contracts and determine the applications and services that you need to outsource or handle in-house. Your organization can save a lot of money by adopting effective cost modeling and contract negotiation.

5. Expert Software Design and Development

Standards for software architecture and development are often poorly defined, and this makes it difficult for stakeholders to understand how the application will support the overall objectives of the organization. To solve this problem, we offer significant improvements by defining enterprise road maps and standards for development, user interfaces, databases and security.

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